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Pandemic weight gain, No problem!

Weight gain during the pandemic has created havoc on many people's health, especially if many people cannot go to the gym. Life routines have been interrupted in many ways, especially working out at the local fitness centers. Unable to go to the gym is no reason to become sedentary. Creating an in-home gym is perfect for staying active during this pandemic. Starting an effective workout regimen at home has many benefits to your health and avoids the quarantine 15 pounds weight gain. Until many of us can safely return to the gym, consider these in-home gym activities to stay active and reap the benefits of physical activity around your home avoid the dreaded quarantine 15. Cardio Options Jumping rope is...

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Pain relieving creams after your workout

Why use pain relieving creams after your workout matters The myth that if you’re not sore, then you’re not training hard. This way of thinking is completely untrue. Yes, occasional muscle soreness is something that you will have when working out. However, this can be easily controlled with the help of topical pain relief creams. The old way of thinking “no pain, no gain” is outdated. The new way of thinking is to train smarter and not harder.  How pain happens with workouts The phenomenon of delayed onset (DOMS) muscle soreness is muscle pain that occurs after working out. Generally it occurs a day or two days after a workout. It is damaging to the connective tissue which in turn...

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