Hi, I'm Patricia Wells. You're in pain, Ol'Arthur Solace Relief is here to help.

It all started with my mom. She would walk through our garden, point to plants and say, "this one is good for blood pressure...this is one is great sleep...this one is good for pain." She taught me that nature has the power to heal.

I spent the last 20 years working in nursing, caring for patients from Vancouver to Brooklyn to West Virginia. I've seen people try gooey gels, stinky creams, harmful OTC's and addictive opiates with the hope that these would be the magic solution to their pain. But we all know the magic solution doesn't exist.

O'Arthur Solace Relief isn't magic. It's plants. It's your buddy to get you moving in the morning, active after work and comfortable at night. It's non-toxic, non-addictive and non-greasy. It puts you in control of your active, wonderful, beautiful life. It's the real McCoy.

The name Ol'Arthur Solace Relief is dedicated to my amazing patients. It comes from the southern folk's nickname for arthritis. They joked, Ol'Arthur is spending the day with me today." I love that humorous attitude and channel that energy into my products. Ol'Arthur Solace Relief is for the do-ers. It's for the people that chuckle at problems and keep moving anyway.

I am an active person. I call up Ol'Arthur when I'm training for my next marathon, breathing through downward-facing dog yoga pose or pulling weeds in my garden. Ol'Arthur is the herbal pain remedy that supports everything that I do and should be your relief too.