Pain relieving creams after your workout

Pain relieving creams after your workout

Why use pain relieving creams after your workout matters

The myth that if you’re not sore, then you’re not training hard. This way of thinking is completely untrue. Yes, occasional muscle soreness is something that you will have when working out. However, this can be easily controlled with the help of topical pain relief creams. The old way of thinking “no pain, no gain” is outdated. The new way of thinking is to train smarter and not harder. 

How pain happens with workouts

The phenomenon of delayed onset (DOMS) muscle soreness is muscle pain that occurs after working out. Generally it occurs a day or two days after a workout. It is damaging to the connective tissue which in turn creates muscle soreness. 

Why use Topical pain relieving creams or gel after working out

  1. It can help loosen up your muscles which speed up muscle recovery. 
  2. Topical pain relief eliminates stomach bleeds compared to using oral Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Motrin. 
  3. American College of Physicians states topical pain creams as the first-line management for muscle soreness or muscle aches. 
  4. It can allow you to continue to workout. Some individuals who get sore after working out may decide to  never return to the gym. 
  5. Treating DOMS with a pain cream or gel is extremely useful for reducing soreness and helping you push through to the next workout. Relieving cream or gel can definitely be an aid to training and recovery.    

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